Why You Should Mix And Match In Your Cloud Strategy

The Cloud has opened up business to the possibility of effortless expansion and integration. There has been a longstanding debate as to whether it’s better for a company to invest in a series of different, exceptional software titles or whether it’s better to stick to a single software provider with a handful of mediocre software titles but complete integration. The evolution of the cloud, as well as the added integration of different exceptional software suites with the ability to interface with each other through API’s, provides a very solid answer to that question. The cloud brings the best of all worlds to the table and allows a business to determine which software titles are best for their success and build interfaces that best suit their company’s needs.

API Support Allows for Increased Customization

The biggest drawback that businesses in the past have had is by choosing a particular software suite, they sometimes get locked into that particular software provider. Techopedia defines vendor lock-in as the use of a service or technology developed by a provider that restricts the proprietary use of that particular technology or service. In the earlier days of computing a good example was IBM’s use of Windows/MS-DOS and other …

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