Top Career Paths in Digital Marketing

Choosing a career in digital marketing has many benefits for graduates. Not only are online marketing executives in high demand right now, but the trend isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. With the development of the IoT (Internet of Things) and other advancements that will require web-based skills, jobs within this area are only set to grow substantially.

In fact, 150,000 digital jobs are predicted for 2020, and there won’t be enough people to fill them according to the calculations, no matter how hard you work. The “digital skills gap” as it is referred to means that those with the right training and expertise can have extremely prosperous careers with huge earning potential. If you are thinking about what major to take at university or what discipline to train in after graduation, here are some of the top paths to consider.

Digital Project Management

A digital project manager is one of the top paid roles in the world of digital, and anyone who has natural leadership skills will be suited to this. As jobs in this area have become more specialized over the year, there has been an increased need for a project planner, someone who has both the digital skills and …

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