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Top AI Trends Every Data Scientists and Engineers Must Not Miss in 2020

As we’ve trodden the path of 2019 with much galore in AI and the big data realm, we look back on a year whose start already saw the AI revolution. But what does 2020 have in store for us?

You’ll be surprised to know that 2020 will be a crucial year for AI adoption.

The artificial intelligence market continues to rise at breakneck speed. As predicted by IDC, the global spending on AI systems is said to reach USD 97.9 billion in 2023. Simply put, the coming year will be critical to set foot for the next innovation to take place.

What follows is the top emerging trends every AI specialist, AI engineer, and data scientist must take heed:

Deployment to lower power gets easier in AI

AI that uses 32-bit floating-point math is available in high-computing systems as well as clusters, data centers, and GPUs. The purpose of this is to avail of relevant results and to have easy training of models. However, this ruled out the lower cost and low power devices that use fixed-point math.

Also, there have been recent advances in software tools that support AI interference models having different levels of fixed-point math. This advancement has helped the deployment of …

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