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The Future of Data: Iot-Connected Smart Homes for an Aging Population

A few short decades ago, Americans assumed that the last years of their lives would be spent in a nursing facility or other senior living environment. Today, more seniors plan to age in place, which means that they plan to live in their own homes as long as they are able. Aging in place requires various types of support, including home care services, family support, and technology.

Being connected to the internet equates to independence for many older adults. They may use wearable technology to monitor chronic conditions or use devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) that enables them to communicate with others.

Some seniors embrace the idea of smart homes so that they can live as independently as possible during their later years. Not only can this be a win for seniors, but their loved ones can rest easy with the knowledge that they live in a safe environment. As more baby boomers retire and need increased help around the house IoT-connected devices may be the answer to the senior care dilemma of the future. Before we dive into a few of these devices, let’s explore the extent of IoT devices in use today.

The Future of OoT and Health

Being …

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