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The Achille's Heel Of Artificial Intelligence

In a previous blog, I discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) today merely has specific intelligence as opposed to generalized intelligence. This means that an AI process can appear quite intelligent within very specific bounds yet fall apart if the context in which the process was built is changed. In this blog I will discuss why adding an awareness of context into an AI process – and dealing with that context – may prove to be the hardest part of succeeding with AI. In fact, handling context may be the Achille’s heel of AI!This discussion will expand upon some points made within a recent IIA research brief.

That’s Impressive!… Or Is It? 

Consider a picture like the one below.

It is possible to build AI processes to recognize a wide range of things about the image. Examples include:

This is a tennis game
There are two females playing
They are wearing tennis skirts
One of them has on a cap or visor
One player just hit the tennis ball

Seeing all of those facts identified in an image automatically is certainly impressive and I saw a gentleman at a conference discuss a scenario just like this. However, there were examples discussed where what at first seemed impressive did not hold up under scrutiny.

Imagine that …

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