Everything You Need to Know About Web Application Architecture

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Have you ever wondered how your collective internet experience comes together? Well, your garden-variety surfing experience comprises of a sequence of the interplay between the browser, user interfaces, a variety of app elements, databases, server, and more. Also, the foundation that brings all of these individual components together is referred to as web application architecture. […]

Hunting for Data: a Few Words on Data Scraping

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No matter how intelligent and sophisticated your technology is, what you ultimately need for Big Data Analysis is data. Lots of data. Versatile and coming from many sources in different formats. In many cases, your data will come in a machine-readable format ready for processing — data from sensors is an example. Such formats and protocols for […]

Using Predictive Analytics to Assess the ROI of a Startup

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Countless entrepreneurs aspire to start successful online retail businesses. They are enamored with the dream of working from home and having the opportunity to make virtually unlimited wealth. Unfortunately, the probability of success in this field is often considerably lower than they would like to believe. Nevertheless, some e-commerce entrepreneurs can thrive by taking advantage […]

The Influence of Net Neutrality on Businesses and the Entire Internet Ecosystem

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Net neutrality is one of the most controversial and complex issues on web surfers’ agenda nowadays. What will happen if it’s repealed? This article highlights the fundamentals of this principle and answers the question “Why should I care?” What makes net neutrality so important? The issue of net neutrality is everybody’s concern. The odd thing is […]

How E-commerce Brands Can Include AI into Every Step of the Customer Journey

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unquestionably set to revolutionize business as we know it. There are seemingly countless ways that AI can support companies and help them become smarter, more profitable, and more prepared for the future.   AI is becoming far more mainstream, especially as people are starting to understand that Big Data and AI are […]