Seven Guidelines to Ensure Ethical AI

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The organisation of tomorrow will be built around data, and it will require artificial intelligence to make sense of all that data. Artificial intelligence is a broad discipline with the objective to develop intelligent machines. AI consists of several subfields: Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI that enables machines to learn from data. Reinforcement […]

Why the Internet has a Problem

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A decentralised web was how the web was originally envisioned, but somehow in the past 25 years, it ended up in the hands of a few very powerful companies. As Sir Tim Berners-Lee said during the Decentralised Web Summit in 2016: “The web was designed to be decentralised so that everybody could participate by having […]

How the Convergence of AI and Blockchain will Result in Increased Efficiency and Trust

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AI and Blockchain are two of the hottest technology trends hitting the market today. Blockchain stands to revolutionise communication and transaction recordation, building trust between strangers and enabling increased provenance, transparency and privacy. AI takes on incredibly complex tasks and applies tremendous computing power to learn these tasks to near perfection. So, how do these […]