What Tools Should a Good Analyst have in Their Toolbox? (part 2 = people skills)

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Continuing Martin Squires series on the tools that should be in a good analyst toolbox. In part 2, Martin moves on to focus on the people skills that are needed. I use the term people skills for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there has been some online outrage at the overuse of the term Softer Skills. Secondly, because the skills that Martin lists are very […]

Intelligent Reporting – How Big Data and AI Are Changing the Way We Create and Analyze Reports

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Artificial intelligence is becoming the number one platform for decision-making processes. According to a report published by Deloitte, the main connection between making a decision on all business levels, and utilizing AI, lies in a partnership – humans having the final say on defining questions, issues, and answers while AI analyzing large volumes of data […]

Developing a Web Application for a Machine Learning Model

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This post describes developing a web application for a machine learning model and deploying it so that it can be accessed by anyone. The web application is available at: https://arrear-model.herokuapp.com/ The process of deployment consists of transferring all flask application files from a local computer to the web server. Once completed the web application can […]

The Top 6 Data Visualization Tools for 2019

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Business intelligence (BI) has long gone from being an industry buzzword into being an absolute necessity for organizations in almost any field. The ability to understand your company’s and industries most impactful data points in real time is paramount in keeping up with an ever-changing business landscape.  When you can quickly and effortlessly display that […]