The Emerging Role of AI in Respiratory Care

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Digitization has provided new opportunities and new ways to explore better solutions for every health or financial problem. Today, artificial intelligence has forayed into offering therapeutic solutions which until recently was confined to traditional methods.  Developing new methods of treatments in asthma or COPD is the recent trend with the evolution of AI. This is […]

Technology of the Future Home

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A few hundred years ago, the idea that you could do all your washing by machines would have seemed like alien technology. Now, most homes have dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers, freeing us up to relax after the working day by watching television or completing some other hobby. With technology advancing to the degree […]

How Blockchain Will Build Better Manufacturing

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With dozens of cryptocurrencies making their ICO, it is no surprise that blockchain is getting more and more media coverage. What was once a purely financial technology, it is an append-only ledger after all, has shown some surprisingly expansive potential into other industries with the release of add-ons like smart contracts and tokenisation. In manufacturing, […]

How AI Could Unlock the Intelligent Internet of Things

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The algorithmic organisation is an organisation built around smart algorithms. Algorithms that define company processes, that deliver customer services, that take action when necessary and as such define the way the world works. Thanks to machine learning and deep learning, these algorithms will be able to understand user and/or device behaviour, learn from users and/or […]