Hunting for Data: a Few Words on Data Scraping

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No matter how intelligent and sophisticated your technology is, what you ultimately need for Big Data Analysis is data. Lots of data. Versatile and coming from many sources in different formats. In many cases, your data will come in a machine-readable format ready for processing — data from sensors is an example. Such formats and protocols for […]

PyMongo Tutorial: Testing MongoDB Failover in Your Python App

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Python is a powerful and flexible programming language used by millions of developers around the world to build their applications. It comes as no surprise that Python developers commonly leverage MongoDB hosting, the most popular NoSQL database, for their deployments due to its flexible nature and lack of schema requirements. So, what’s the best way to use MongoDB with Python? PyMongo is […]

5 Easy Breezy Ways to Master Python!

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Python is touted as one of the fastest-growing major programming languages in the world at the moment. It is quickly becoming the most visited tag on Stack Overflow as well. One of the major reasons of its exponential growth is that Python is an incredibly versatile language. It can be used to develop websites, machine […]