Seen and Be Seen: How Facial Recognition Will Change Society

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With the number of cameras drastically increasing in our world, facial recognition is rapidly taking flight. Facial recognition is a biometric faceprint, where artificial intelligence maps an individual’s face mathematically. This faceprint is then stored in data. Later, the stored data can be compared with a live or digital image using deep learning to verify […]

The Questionable Analytics of Censorship

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Historically, concerns about over-zealous censorship have focused on repressive governments. In the United States, free speech has been a pillar of our society since its founding. For the most part, government attempts at censorship or speech restrictions receive swift and successful push back. In recent times, however, a new path to censorship has arisen in […]

The Influence of Net Neutrality on Businesses and the Entire Internet Ecosystem

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Net neutrality is one of the most controversial and complex issues on web surfers’ agenda nowadays. What will happen if it’s repealed? This article highlights the fundamentals of this principle and answers the question “Why should I care?” What makes net neutrality so important? The issue of net neutrality is everybody’s concern. The odd thing is […]

The 5P’s of a Self-Sovereign Identity

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Increasingly, big data is invading consumers’ lives. It affects consumers’ privacy as the web has become such a centralised platform. When you have centralised organisations collecting so much consumer data and using it to offer personalised advertising to their users, it causes problems. As Jonathan Taplin discussed in his book Move Fast and Break Things, […]

GDPR and SEO: Will GDPR Damage your SEO?

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So, your site is finally working like a clockwork. You’ve started creating awesome content, your backlink portfolio is spotless and you’re finally satisfied with your rankings. Now that everything is running according to your perfectly formulated plan, there is another curveball sent to you. This time, it’s GDPR. If you think: “OK, this is something […]