Food, Health, and Data Science

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When I was first approached by our CTO with an idea to write an article about food as medicine, for the share of a second my reaction was “Are you stark raving mad?” However, what I can be confident in is that he would never abandon the scientific approach to seemingly everything. So is there […]

Reinforcement Learning AI Techniques Now Available to the Masses

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AlphaGo is one of our favorite topics to write about — not only are games of strategy interesting in and of themselves, but pitting human masters against a computer in the most complex board game we’ve yet invented is thrilling stuff. Part of what made AlphaGo so interesting is the way the computer came to win; or more precisely, how it learned the game and […]

DevOps Is Great, But You Can Make It Better

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The job of a developer is never complete, as old code must be updated to fit into new frameworks, new code is always waiting on the sidelines, and fixes take time to test before they can be deployed. Organizations now know to use DevOps models for continuous deployment, which integrates developers and operations team members […]

5 Big Data Questions For Software Developers

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Software developers are finding themselves beset by news headlines insisting that big data and the rise of the information age are coming to upend their industry. Many hardworking software engineers are deeply unfamiliar with big data, however, or at the very least uncertain of the many ways it stands to impact their line of work. […]

Top 10 IoT Platforms To Watch For In 2018

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IoT or internet of things is an organization of interconnected computing devices, automatic and digital machinery, entities, creatures or individuals that are provided with unique identifiers or UIDs, and the capability of transferring data or information through a network without any requirement of interactions between human to human and human to a computer device. The […]