Reinforcement Learning AI Techniques Now Available to the Masses

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AlphaGo is one of our favorite topics to write about — not only are games of strategy interesting in and of themselves, but pitting human masters against a computer in the most complex board game we’ve yet invented is thrilling stuff. Part of what made AlphaGo so interesting is the way the computer came to win; or more precisely, how it learned the game and […]

Artificial Intelligence Starts with Trusting Your Data

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the technologies associated with it have disrupted the market and created room for bigger and better opportunities. Based on the insights from the data, these technologies require a lot of trust and assurances. Since organizations are expected to trust the authenticity of these insights, the data needs to be clean and […]

Top AI algorithms for Healthcare

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The benefits of AI for healthcare have been extensively discussed in recent years up to the point of the possibility to replace human physicians with AI in the future. Both such discussions and the current AI-driven projects reveal that Artificial Intelligence can be used in healthcare in several ways: AI can learn features from a […]

How to Prepare for an Automated Future: 7 Steps to Machine Learning

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The increasingly digital economy requires boards and executives to have a solid understanding of the rapidly changing digital landscape. Naturally, artificial intelligence (AI) is an important stakeholder. Those organisations that want to prepare for an automated future should have a thorough understanding of AI. However, AI is an umbrella term that covers multiple disciplines, each […]

3 Reasons 2019 Will Be the Year of Intelligent Automation

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Businesses in all industries are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Public and private enterprises are required to continually improve their products and services while maintaining high customer care and reducing costs. To take on this tall order more and more businesses are looking to technology to solve business problems and deliver better […]