8 Industrial IoT Trends of 2019 That Cannot Be Ignored

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From manufacturing to the retail sector, the infinite applications of the industrial internet of things are disrupting business processes, thereby improving operational efficiency and business competitiveness. The trend of employing IoT-powered systems for supply chain management, smart monitoring,  remote diagnosis, production integration, inventory management, and predictive maintenance is catching up as companies take bold steps […]

Why C-Level Executives Need to Close the Digital Transformation Disparity Gap

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The digital transformation has become such an important part of organizational culture today that it is extremely easy for stakeholders to forget what it actually means. The fact that this term has been thrown around quite a lot recently has meant that we now have a disparity in what stakeholders perceive about this term and […]

Could Blockchain Prevent the Internet of Vulnerable Things?

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The Internet of Things is coming. Unfortunately, connected devices have a variety of vulnerabilities and almost any smart device is a vulnerable device. Security issues include technical problems (outdated software, insecure data transmissions, etc.) and people problems (simple and default passwords, public Wi-Fi, etc.). As more devices connect to the internet and each other without […]

7 Ways IoT Is Reshaping Businesses

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The internet-of-things (IoT) is a relatively new technological development, but already, it’s reshaping how businesses operate. Whether you’re interested in the topic as an avid technologist, as a business owner looking to become more competitive, or as a consumer wondering how you can take advantage of these developments, it pays to know more about how […]

The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Soon!

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On March 18, 2019, I was notified by the University of Technology Sydney that I had officially completed my PhD (yay!). As a result, I now hold a PhD in management. During my PhD, I researched how emerging information technologies such as big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence, challenge organisation design and strategic management, […]

Blockchain and IoT: A Merger that Guarantees Valid and Secure Transactions

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IoT (Internet of Things) is increasingly creating new opportunities for businesses as well as markets. And the technologies that created IoT is not changing the Internet, but everything that is connected to the Internet. In fact, IoT connected devices are generating so much data that the question on technology leaders’ mind is – How to […]