Developing and Coding with STEM graduates

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The UK is well-known for its strong history within innovation and research, so how do things look for the future with the UK’s STEM graduates, and what should they be studying? STEM and what it stands for: S – Science T – Technology E – Engineering M – Mathematics A number of STEM subjects include; […]

To Save Innovation, We Need to Change Science

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Science’s primary activity is discovery. It aims to explain how the world works and we can use that knowledge to change our world. To do so, over the centuries, the scientific method was developed, and it has proven its value. It helps us answer practical, but often important, questions. Answering these questions often lead to […]

The Emerging Role of AI in Respiratory Care

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Digitization has provided new opportunities and new ways to explore better solutions for every health or financial problem. Today, artificial intelligence has forayed into offering therapeutic solutions which until recently was confined to traditional methods.  Developing new methods of treatments in asthma or COPD is the recent trend with the evolution of AI. This is […]

Consumer Behavior: How Big Data and Psychology are Evolving Business

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The business landscape is transforming. Commerce is at the dawn of a new era, and business leaders need talented professionals who can work with a new crop of advanced analytic technologies. Now, big data technology allows business leaders to evaluate consumer behavior and use that information in new ways. Corporations are leveraging previously inaccessible insights […]

How Big Data Is Transforming Project Management

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In the past, project management depended on knowing what a project entailed and billing based on that. As times change, however, projects tend to become more complicated. The world of the Internet has introduced new and interesting issues for project managers to deal with. The constant specter of scope creep waits in the wings to […]