AI Image Processing is Changing the Direction of Countless Industries

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Big data is playing a prominent role in the area of image processing. Last year, Elsevier published a white paper on this topic, titled “An optimal big data workflow for biomedical image analysis.” “Nowadays, big data technology plays a significant role in the management, organization, and analysis of data, using machine learning and artificial intelligence […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps with Skin Cancer Screening

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This advertorial is sponsored by Intel®. “The long-term goal and true potential of AI is to replicate the complexity of human thinking at the macro level, and then surpass it to solve complex problems—problems both well-documented and currently unimaginable in nature.”1 Challenge Skin cancer has reached epidemic proportions in much of the world. A simple […]

Pedestrian Detection Using TensorFlow* on Intel® Architecture

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This advertorial is sponsored by Intel®. Abstract This paper explains the process to train and infer the pedestrian detection problem using the TensorFlow* deep learning framework on Intel® architecture. A transfer learning approach was used by taking the frozen weights from a Single Shot MultiBox Detector model with Inception* v2 topology trained on the Microsoft Common […]