Book: The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Now!

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Earlier this year, I completed my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. My research focused on how do emerging information technologies change the interaction of organisations and technologies. The title of my research was: Sociomateriality in the age of Emerging Information Technologies: How big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence affect organisations. Undertaking a […]

Self-Driving Cars & Cybersecurity: Will They Be Safe Enough?

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Consumers and politicians alike have been watching advancements in autonomous vehicles with bated breath. With cutting-edge technology like blockchain advancements and AI finding its way into vehicles at a rapid pace, safety concerns are at the forefront of public discourse. This is exacerbated by news coverage. Back in 2015, Wired correspondent Andy Greenberg got into […]

5 Predictions for the Future of Streaming

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Streaming content services like Netflix and Hulu have revolutionized how we watch TV shows and movies. For a low monthly rate, you can get unlimited access to hundreds to thousands of different pieces of content, available whenever you want them. However, it’s unlikely that these conditions will persist indefinitely. Like any technology or consumer product, […]