Developing and Coding with STEM graduates

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The UK is well-known for its strong history within innovation and research, so how do things look for the future with the UK’s STEM graduates, and what should they be studying? STEM and what it stands for: S – Science T – Technology E – Engineering M – Mathematics A number of STEM subjects include; […]

Enhancing your Development with Kotlin

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Right since it was announced in Google IO ‘17, Kotlin has been a big hit among developers and many are now switching their development from traditional Java to Kotlin. My aim is that after reading this article you start using Kotlin for your daily tasks or wherever you have been using Java. So let’s start! […]

5 Must-Have Features of A Defect Management Tool

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There are different stages in a software development process and developers pay utmost attention to each to ensure delivery of quality applications. This is why defect/bug tracking is essential to identify underlying problems in software. Whether it is a minor or major defect, testers need to record, manage, and solve each error to improve the […]

Is Machine Learning Solving User Authentication Challenges in App Development?

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Digital security is a greater concern in 2019 than ever before. Over the years, cybersecurity experts have come to a hard truth. They have recognized that password protection alone is inadequate for many applications. They need more sophisticated ways to authenticate users. Fortunately, machine learning is providing some new solutions to this challenge. It can […]

The Effects Of Employing Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

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Currently, there is a whole new class of application possibilities driven by the definitive growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). With the introduction of these new technologies in the industry, there is an obvious transformation in app development that will transform the way people work and interact. However, it is important to […]