5 ways data science can help you work smarter, not harder

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Today, the internet bleeds into almost every facet of everyday life — it empowers our productivity, enhances our entertainment, and enables our communication. As it does these things, of course, it generates a vast quantity of data: rich, complex, wide-reaching data on everything from the money we spend to the websites we visit. Data science […]

Your Guide To Using Big Data For Microsoft Dynamics Projects

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Big data has been seamlessly integrated into numerous Microsoft applications over the years. One of the newest applications to take advantage of big data features is Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft has provided a detailed overview of the way that it uses big data in this application. Anybody using Microsoft Dynamics should embrace the features big data […]

Food, Health, and Data Science

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When I was first approached by our CTO with an idea to write an article about food as medicine, for the share of a second my reaction was “Are you stark raving mad?” However, what I can be confident in is that he would never abandon the scientific approach to seemingly everything. So is there […]

A Guide To Machine Learning Foundations of Task Management Software

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Task management applications are changing the way we manage teams. Here are some of the primary benefits of these task management applications: Task management tools improve team productivity Task management tools make sure that teams operate more efficiently Task management tools minimize worker stress Task management tools help with monitoring trends Machine learning is playing […]

Enhanced Hyperparameter Tuning and Optimized AWS Storage with Databricks Runtime 5.4 ML

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We are excited to announce the release of Databricks Runtime 5.4 ML (Azure | AWS). This release includes two Public Preview features to improve data science productivity, optimized storage in AWS for developing distributed applications, and a number of Python library upgrades. To get started, you simply select the Databricks Runtime 5.4 ML from the […]

Protecting the Securities Market with Predictive Fraud Detection

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FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), a regulatory body charged with protecting the U.S. securities market, spoke at the Spark + AI Summit on how they use Databricks Unified Analytics Platform to analyze up to a 100 billion stock market events per day for fraud detection and prevention. This is a summary of their story from Summit. […]

Introducing Databricks Runtime 5.4 with Conda (Beta)

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We are excited to introduce a new runtime: Databricks Runtime 5.4 with Conda (Beta). This runtime uses Conda to manage Python libraries and environments. Many of our Python users prefer to manage their Python environments and libraries with Conda, which quickly is emerging as a standard. Conda takes a holistic approach to package management by […]

Big Data Leads To An Impressive Array Of Chatbots In Customer Service

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Big data is changing the direction of customer service. Machine learning tools have led to the development of chatbots. They rely on big data to better serve customers. Namee Jani wrote a fascinating article on chatbots and data analytics last year. She said they are the next big thing in business optimization in her article […]

How Real-Time Analytics Solve Performance Issues Across Multiple Industries

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Real-time data analytics is still a relatively new concept, but it is changing the logistics of countless businesses across the world. One poll showed that 60% of companies use real-time data analytics for better customer service. However, there are many other applications of real-time analytics. Data analytics experts must familiarize themselves with the technical aspects […]