Setting up an Analytics Team for Success = Get Fuzzy!

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Building on our month focussed on controversial topics, let’s turn to what will set your team up for success. Different contexts can require different types of the analytics team. A lot of the advice that I offer within the Opinion section of this blog is based on a lifetime leading teams in large corporates. So, I’m pleased to partner […]

Developing a Web Application for a Machine Learning Model

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This post describes developing a web application for a machine learning model and deploying it so that it can be accessed by anyone. The web application is available at: The process of deployment consists of transferring all flask application files from a local computer to the web server. Once completed the web application can […]

Food, Health, and Data Science

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When I was first approached by our CTO with an idea to write an article about food as medicine, for the share of a second my reaction was “Are you stark raving mad?” However, what I can be confident in is that he would never abandon the scientific approach to seemingly everything. So is there […]

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Blockchain Engineer?

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In its latest report, Gartner predicts that by 2021, almost 90% of the current enterprises will require to replace blockchain platforms in order to stay relevant, competitive, protected and not become redundant. With blockchain becoming the go-to technology for most industries, the popularity keeps increasing. Businesses from almost every country, major organizations and even the […]

8 Industrial IoT Trends of 2019 That Cannot Be Ignored

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From manufacturing to the retail sector, the infinite applications of the industrial internet of things are disrupting business processes, thereby improving operational efficiency and business competitiveness. The trend of employing IoT-powered systems for supply chain management, smart monitoring,  remote diagnosis, production integration, inventory management, and predictive maintenance is catching up as companies take bold steps […]