How Big Data Could Change Environmental Reporting

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Data is everywhere today and in every industry — and it’s remaking how we manufacture products, construct homes and buildings, feed ourselves, manage our resources and much more. Big data is also the key to improving the way we conduct environmental studies and engage in environmental reporting for the purposes of regulatory compliance — and, […]

Hunting for Data: a Few Words on Data Scraping

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No matter how intelligent and sophisticated your technology is, what you ultimately need for Big Data Analysis is data. Lots of data. Versatile and coming from many sources in different formats. In many cases, your data will come in a machine-readable format ready for processing — data from sensors is an example. Such formats and protocols for […]

How to Prepare for an Automated Future: 7 Steps to Machine Learning

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The increasingly digital economy requires boards and executives to have a solid understanding of the rapidly changing digital landscape. Naturally, artificial intelligence (AI) is an important stakeholder. Those organisations that want to prepare for an automated future should have a thorough understanding of AI. However, AI is an umbrella term that covers multiple disciplines, each […]

4 Critical Data Sources that Need to Be in Your CRM

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A strong CRM system can provide nearly every department in a business the proper information to offer customers the experience that meets their needs. Every single interaction that a customer has with your company makes up part of their experience, and one glitch could result in a lost sale. According to Microsoft’s report, customer expectations […]

How To Move Data To A Backup Site

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There are so many techniques for moving data from one location to another that it can be hard to determine which one is right for the job. Small business owners, in particular, can become immensely stressed out when trying to figure out how to securely transfer their data, especially if sensitive customer information is on […]

6 Ways Big Data Is Transforming Transport and the Supply Chain

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Our supply chains are the lifeblood of global business. You probably don’t need to be reminded of the stakes involved when companies engage in the movement of products throughout the world — especially if you deal in time-sensitive merchandise like foods, beverages or health care products. Big data, data analytics and machine learning, are bringing […]