How to Choose Your AI Provider Wisely?

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The present-day reality is that artificial intelligence is boosting — and so is the market. AI and Big Data technologies can add significant value to a business, providing valuable insights about market trends and corporate processes, as well as predicting future sales, optimizing personnel and assets management and even taking on a part of research and development […]

How to Increase Diversity in the Tech Workplace

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Diversity in the workplace is something that all tech companies should strive for. When appropriately embraced in the tech sector, diversity has been shown to increase financial performance, increase employee retention, foster innovation, and help teams to develop better products. For example, data marketing teams that have equitable hiring practices in regards to gender exemplify […]

A Guide to a Career In Big Data

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Some might feel that data science is intimidating. This is particularly the case when someone is just getting started. They might wonder what tool should they start learning such as R or maybe Python. They may feel unsure about what techniques they should put the majority of their focus on. Other factors they might consider […]

Facing the Realities of Data Science

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As organizations entered the Big Data era, there was a myriad of challenges on their way of storing it, but, with the introduction of a plethora of frameworks, everything worked out just fine. However, now the focus has moved from storing to processing which, by God’s grace, is being taken care of by Data Science […]

Why Women Are Needed in Data Science

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The field of data science continues to grow quickly, and organizations of all sizes and in all industries need people who can analyze the numbers, dive into new theories, and innovate. Data scientist was the #1 job in the U.S. in 2017, but finding qualified applicants is proving to be a challenge for companies. Jobs […]

4 Things Every Aspiring Data Scientist Should Know

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Data science is an amazing, fast-moving career field to become involved in. There’s no dearth of demand for capable, analytically-minded individuals. Organizations of all sizes are looking for talented data scientists, and the role offers real value across an extensive range of industries and applications. Here’s an overview of some of the essential skills that […]