Kotlin vs. Groovy: Which Language to Choose

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A growing range of fields and general advancements in technologies push programming languages to constant improvement and adaptation to the present-day needs. Now we have a bunch of languages serving different purposes: some of them emerged as an independent project, while others bud off from established and well-known languages. The colossus of Java, for example, […]

Developing and Coding with STEM graduates

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The UK is well-known for its strong history within innovation and research, so how do things look for the future with the UK’s STEM graduates, and what should they be studying? STEM and what it stands for: S – Science T – Technology E – Engineering M – Mathematics A number of STEM subjects include; […]

Open Source Security Risks and Vulnerabilities to Know in 2019

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Open source projects provide software development teams with well-built libraries and frameworks which they can freely use in their projects to improve the speed and efficiency of software development.  Despite the pros of open source projects, there are issues with security risks and code vulnerabilities when using components from such projects. The majority of commercial […]

Hunting for Data: a Few Words on Data Scraping

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No matter how intelligent and sophisticated your technology is, what you ultimately need for Big Data Analysis is data. Lots of data. Versatile and coming from many sources in different formats. In many cases, your data will come in a machine-readable format ready for processing — data from sensors is an example. Such formats and protocols for […]

How to Integrate Selenium Grid with Docker?

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You must have studied about selenium grid. Selenium Grid is a component of Selenium which is used for parallel testing across different browsers and machines. You can have your system as a hub which will distribute the test cases across various other machines. Other machines on which the test will be distributed are called as nodes. A […]

5 Big Data Questions For Software Developers

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Software developers are finding themselves beset by news headlines insisting that big data and the rise of the information age are coming to upend their industry. Many hardworking software engineers are deeply unfamiliar with big data, however, or at the very least uncertain of the many ways it stands to impact their line of work. […]

How Serverless Will Facilitate the Growth of Big Data Applications?

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When it comes to designing the big data framework within the organization, serverless computing is coming off as a perfect solution. Setting up a dedicated server to facilitate your custom requirements is history now. To deal with the complex analytics workload, organization are often re-architecting their IT infrastructure. Moreover, the popular buzzword of “pay as […]