What Does Clustering in Data Mining Mean?

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Data mining and clustering are closely interlinked. They both focus on the pattern recognition underlying a particular dataset. Mainly, it’s a joint effort of machine learning, pattern recognition and statistics. They help in discovering patterns in data. Clustering is one of the various methods of data mining. What is clustering in data mining? Generally, the […]

7 Innovative Uses of Clustering Algorithms in the Real World

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Clustering algorithms are a powerful technique for machine learning on unsupervised data. The most common algorithms in machine learning are hierarchical clustering and K-Means clustering. These two algorithms are incredibly powerful when applied to different machine learning problems.   Both k-means and hierarchical clustering have been applied to different scenarios to help gain new insights into […]

Intro to Redis Cluster Sharding – Advantages, Limitations, Deploying & Client Connections

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Redis Cluster is the native sharding implementation available within Redis that allows you to automatically distribute your data across multiple nodes without having to rely on external tools and utilities. At ScaleGrid, we recently added support for Redis Clusters on our platform through our fully managed Redis hosting plans. In this post, we’re going to introduce you to the advanced Redis Cluster sharding […]