An Expensive And Common Cloud Analytics Mistake

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The move to the cloud is continuing to accelerate and most organizations I deal with are at minimum incorporating cloud platforms and processing into their architectures … if not pressing to move largely to the cloud. While there are many advantages to the cloud, it is also necessary to use caution to make sure that […]

MySQL vs PostgreSQL: 2019 Showdown

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PostgreSQL and MySQL are types of database management systems (DBMS). This article explains the differences between the systems, reviews the recent trends, and attempts to answer the question of which database management system takes the lead in 2019. Hint: it might not be an either-or answer. Primary Database Model – RDBMS vs ORDBMS Databases store […]

Managing High Availability in PostgreSQL – Part II

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Are you deploying PostgreSQL in the cloud and want to understand your options for achieving high availability? In our previous blog post, Managing High Availability in PostgreSQL – Part I, we discussed the capabilities and functioning of PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (PAF) by ClusterLabs. In Part II, we’re introducing you to an alternative open source tool, Replication Manager from 2ndQuadrant, to be […]

How to Connect Your MongoDB Deployments to Robo 3T GUI

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Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) is a popular desktop graphical user interface (GUI) for your MongoDB hosting deployments that allows you to interact with your data through visual indicators instead of a text-based interface. This open source tool has cross-platform support and actually embeds the mongo shell within its interface to provide both shell and GUI-based interaction. As a highly-popular GUI […]

How to Decide if You Need an On-Premise Cloud Service

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Determining the most suitable ways to integrate cloud computing, if at all, can be an intricate process with multiple factors worth considering before coming to a conclusive decision. This can be mind-boggling and understandably so, due to various recommendations and options to choose from. To further add to the confusion, talk of incorporating a hybrid […]

How Serverless Will Facilitate the Growth of Big Data Applications?

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When it comes to designing the big data framework within the organization, serverless computing is coming off as a perfect solution. Setting up a dedicated server to facilitate your custom requirements is history now. To deal with the complex analytics workload, organization are often re-architecting their IT infrastructure. Moreover, the popular buzzword of “pay as […]