Deep Data Makes Digital Catalogues Viable Organizational Tools

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Shrewd business owners are using big data to grow organizations in countless ways. Some of the benefits of big data are overlooked by less tech-savvy entrepreneurs. One of the biggest benefits of big data is that it leads to the development of digital business catalogues. Big Data and the Evolution of Digital Business Catalogues There […]

Tips For Writing Linux Device Drivers For Big Data Environments

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Linux programming is a vital skill for data developers. If you are creating applications for big data, you should familiarize yourself with the process of creating Linux device drivers. Here is the process of developing a Linux driver for your big data applications. Basic Linux Driver Development Overview Are you interested in Linux driver development? […]

4 Brilliant Ways To Use Big Data To Boost Gmail Security

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Google is taking privacy more seriously these days. Last year, the Washington Post reported that they adopted some new big data security standards. Some of these standards were put into place to improve Gmail security. However, there are still a lot of measures that Gmail users themselves need to take. Big data is making it […]

Here’s How To Implement Manufacturing Analytics Today

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Big data is everywhere, and it’s finding its way into a multitude of industries and applications. One of the most fascinating big data industries is manufacturing. In an environment of fast-paced production and competitive markets, big data helps companies rise to the top and stay efficient and relevant. Manufacturing innovation has long been an integral […]

Your Guide To Using Big Data For Microsoft Dynamics Projects

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Big data has been seamlessly integrated into numerous Microsoft applications over the years. One of the newest applications to take advantage of big data features is Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft has provided a detailed overview of the way that it uses big data in this application. Anybody using Microsoft Dynamics should embrace the features big data […]

Is Big Data An Essential Skillset For Future Financial Professionals?

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I was recently at a networking group. One of the attendees was a tax accountant, who said that big data is changing their field in surprising ways. FM Magazine has talked about this trend in detail. Financial professionals need to understand the impact of big data and prepare accordingly. How is Big Data Going to […]

How To Use Data Analytics To Launch A Sustainable Technology Business

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Sustainability is a major concern for many businesses. You probably wouldn’t think that data analytics would be the core solution. Many people believe that the fields of big data and green business have little overlap. However, big data could actually be a wonderful solution for many sustainability problems. People that know me are aware that […]

Big Data Sets New Standards In Stream Processing For Emerging Markets

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With today’s technology, there’s an increasing demand for stream processing. Data, for instance, has to be processed fast so that the companies can keep up to the changing business and market conditions in real time. This is where real-time stream processing enters the picture, and it may probably change everything you know about big data. […]

How Big Data Makes Us Rethink The Design Of Magnetic Devices

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One of the most fascinating things about big data is its ability to optimize the design of products that have pre-dated digital technology by centuries. One of the most interesting examples is with magnets. Magnets are ancient devices. They are so old, that the history of their discovery has been lost in legend. It is […]