Are You Ready for a Smart Hospitality Industry?

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The hospitality industry is all about delivering the best guest experience. Whether this is in the local restaurant around the corner, the five-star beach resort that you visit during your holiday or the conference venue where you attend an event. Superior guest experience is what differentiates the winners from the losers within this great industry. […]

Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health

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In recent years, we have been hearing a lot about the potential of digital doctors and nurses: the example of AI becoming directly in charge of our welfare. Being a logical step after AI assisting in diagnostics and treatment path evaluation, digitalisation of medical professionals is something that the broad public still isn’t completely comfortable […]

6 Hints for Enterprises Starting AI Adoption

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There is no doubt Artificial Intelligence has already transformed and will continue to change most of the industries:  Healthcare, oil & gas, banking, insurance, customer service, retail, government, education, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, telecommunications & media, sports, energy & utilities, hospitality, travel and transportation, among many others. Use cases based on artificial intelligence have already […]

Why the Government of Tomorrow is Also a Data Organisation

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Nowadays, every organisation is a data organisation. This not only applies to commercial organisations, but also to governments. Governments at every level – local, regional, national and supranational – should take a different approach to organise their activities. However, becoming a data organisation is not an easy feat. It requires governments to rethink all their […]