A Guide To Machine Learning Foundations of Task Management Software

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Task management applications are changing the way we manage teams. Here are some of the primary benefits of these task management applications: Task management tools improve team productivity Task management tools make sure that teams operate more efficiently Task management tools minimize worker stress Task management tools help with monitoring trends Machine learning is playing […]

How Big Data Makes Us Rethink The Design Of Magnetic Devices

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One of the most fascinating things about big data is its ability to optimize the design of products that have pre-dated digital technology by centuries. One of the most interesting examples is with magnets. Magnets are ancient devices. They are so old, that the history of their discovery has been lost in legend. It is […]

How Big Data is Changing the Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry has always been quite conservative; however, the adoption of new technologies is not just a modern trend but a necessity to maintain a competitive pace. In the modern digital era, Big Data technologies help to process vast amounts of information, increase workflow efficiency, and reduce operational costs. Learn more about the benefits […]

NLP vs. NLU: from Understanding a Language to Its Processing

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As artificial intelligence progresses and technology becomes more sophisticated, we expect existing concepts to embrace this change — or change themselves. Similarly, in the domain of computer-aided processing of natural languages, shall the concept of natural language processing give way to natural language understanding? Or is the relation between the two concepts subtler and more complicated that […]

Big Data Sets The Tone For Web Development And UI Trends In 2019

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Big data and e-commerce have been carefully interwoven for years. Businesses with an online presence have looked to big data to provide better customer service. Some examples of this include: Monitoring user engagement to see how customers behave online Developing more effective graphic designs with the assistance of artificial intelligence Ensuring the website operates as […]

AI Image Processing is Changing the Direction of Countless Industries

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Big data is playing a prominent role in the area of image processing. Last year, Elsevier published a white paper on this topic, titled “An optimal big data workflow for biomedical image analysis.” “Nowadays, big data technology plays a significant role in the management, organization, and analysis of data, using machine learning and artificial intelligence […]

Seen and Be Seen: How Facial Recognition Will Change Society

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With the number of cameras drastically increasing in our world, facial recognition is rapidly taking flight. Facial recognition is a biometric faceprint, where artificial intelligence maps an individual’s face mathematically. This faceprint is then stored in data. Later, the stored data can be compared with a live or digital image using deep learning to verify […]