Learning, Innovation and Business Change

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Creating new knowledge is an intuitive human endeavour and it brings value and change to individuals, companies and society by shedding light the patterns, practices, inconsistencies and paradoxes in the observed world. Knowledge creates a competitive advantage for organisations and corporations because researching existing problems triggers learning episodes and helps to identify resolutions. These learning […]

The School of Tomorrow Will Revolve Around AI

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We live in exponential times, and merely having a digital strategy focused on continuous innovation is no longer enough to thrive in a constantly changing world. To transform an organisation and contribute to building a secure and rewarding networked society, collaboration among employees, customers, business units and even things is increasingly becoming key. Especially with […]

AI Propels Web Application Development In Modern Commerce

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Artificial intelligence is having a profound effect on the future of modern commerce. One of the biggest changes AI has brought to the table is in digital marketing. A growing number of marketers are turning to AI to get better conversions. AI is the Lynchpin of Web Development Applications A growing number of companies are […]

5 Business Expenses That Data Can Help Reduce

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No matter what industry you’re in, identifying creative ways to cut costs is always an important goal. From small startups to major corporations, cost-saving tactics should be an important area to explore. Even when your business cost and costs of production aren’t growing exponentially, chances are everything around you is. Cost of living is rising; […]

More Brands Use AI Driven PPC Strategies For Optimal Exposure

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Pay per click advertising has changed the forefront of digital marketing forever. Social Media Today reported that advertisers spent $10.1 billion on Google AdWords in 2017 alone. However, even the most experienced PPC advertisers don’t appreciate the AI technology behind these platforms. Artificial intelligence is playing an invaluable role in all forms of digital marketing. […]

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Create Websites That Thrive

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The field of artificial intelligence has made a massive footprint on the web design profession. There are a lot of great website builders that use advanced AI technology. You need to choose the right one. Using AI to Create Powerful Websites Creating your own website may sound difficult, but today there are so many different […]

Big Data Technology Creates Seismic Changes In Online Gaming

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Nobody is denying the fact that the online gaming industry has grown exponentially over the years. One of the major reasons why people keep coming back to these platforms is the big technology that powers the gaming industry, making their offerings highly enjoyable and secure. CIO reports that big data has helped the gaming industry […]