How AI Can Help Alleviate Poverty

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With the many, many uses of AI, we’re seeing an increase in researchers, scientists, organisations and start-ups of all kinds looking at ways we can leverage this technology for good.  Whilst ‘high-technology’ has become synonymous with high wages, and high investment, there are loads of projects out there applying this technology to poverty reduction. Harnessing […]

Should You Reconsider Distributing Electronic Copies Of Documents?

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The world we live in today wouldn’t function without documents. It seems like everything of importance requires signing a document to acknowledge terms and conditions. For example, companies bound by compliance regulations usually serve documents that must be signed before business can commence. Traditionally, these documents have been printed on paper. In recent years, in […]

Big Data and Facial Recognition Tools Revolutionize Consumer Research

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A couple of years ago, this article highlighted the complicated changes created by facial recognition technology.   This new technology has raised a number of questions about personal privacy, but it has also opened a number of new doors. A lot of the potential applications of facial recognition software haven’t received much discussion yet. I have […]

A Guide to AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Talks at Spark + AI Summit

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By any measurement today, in the digital media, technical conferences and citations, or searches on Google trends, the frequency of terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning or data science is on the rise. A special reportin The Economist makes the case that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and its purported tectonic […]

GDPR Could Impact How Remote Teams Work

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, due by May 25, 2018, is prompting many industries to adjust their operations. Businesses are hastily making changes to how they process, store and protect their customers’ data. Marketers are showing due diligence in ensuring their data usage is transparent enough to comply with GDPR and avoid hefty fines. […]

Is Data Now More Differentiating Than Analytics?

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As a person who has been involved with analytics for a long time, I have historically considered analytics to be a huge differentiator while data was more of a table-stakes enabler. Several trends have come together to make me realize that the equation has been reversed in many cases today. Data as Enabler, Analytics as […]

How Big Data Can Help Combat DDOS Attacks

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Ever since the web became an intricate and fundamental part of our daily lives, DDOS attacks have constantly threatened to disrupt businesses and enrage internet users. Time and time again, talented entrepreneurs and massive corporations alike have struggled to combat these attacks, regularly finding themselves one step behind of the nefarious actors who bring down […]

How AI Chatbots Can Help Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts

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According to research from DemandBase, 80% of marketing executives believe that artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing by 2020. Because the future relies so much on the implementation of artificial intelligence technology, it’s important for marketers to integrate AI into their marketing strategy (and other areas of the business). However, only 10% of CMOs are utilizing […]