5 Ways the Public Cloud is Leading Digital Transformation

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Cloud computing is a well-known phrase that is used throughout enterprise-level IT. The public cloud has created a unique architecture that companies can utilize in order to grow their business in a budget-friendly, yet sophisticated way. In 1997, Steve Jobs called non-connected computers ‘Byzantine’, a descriptor that fits many offline-only systems today. These archaic systems, […]

Analyzing Big Data Is The Key To Successful Self-Driving Vehicles

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Big data is changing the world, but it is entrepreneurs and companies that are able to use this data to drive real change – especially when it comes to self-driving cars. Self-driving vehicles may be the biggest innovation in everyday life since the Internet. There are 1.2 billion vehicles in existence, and all of these […]

The Importance of Making Sure Your Healthcare Cloud Server is HIPAA Compliant

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The Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) is something you should be aware of if you intend on running a cloud server within any healthcare business. Noncompliance means you could be left with a HIPAA fine up to $250,000. These fines even apply to individual healthcare workers. Individuals have been fined up to $100,000. […]

Introducing mlflow-apps: A Repository of Sample Applications for MLflow

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Introduction This summer, I was a software engineering intern at Databricks on the Machine Learning (ML) Platform team. As part of my intern project, I built a set of MLflow apps that demonstrate MLflow’s capabilities and offer the community examples to learn from. In this blog, I’ll discuss this library of pluggable ML applications, all […]

How is the IRS Using Predictive Analytics to Thwart Tax Evasion?

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Tax evasion is a growing concern in the United States. As politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez try to encourage more people to demand scaling the size of the government, the risk of tax evasion could rise as more people try to abstain from paying higher taxes. The IRS is already under pressure to […]

100x Faster Bridge between Apache Spark and R with User-Defined Functions on Databricks

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SparkR User-Defined Function (UDF) API opens up opportunities for big data workloads running on Apache Spark to embrace R’s rich package ecosystem. Some of our customers that have R experts on board use SparkR UDF API to blend R’s sophisticated packages into their ETL pipeline, applying transformations that go beyond Spark’s built-in functions on the […]

Big Data’s Big Players in 2018

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by BDW Editor on August 14, 2018 The modern tech economy runs on big data. This makes it a leading commodity in a world where knowledge is power. Indeed, the unprecedented ease with which ever larger volumes of digital information can be stored, retrieved, and accessed has created a booming market in the collection and […]