Will 6G Force Cell Phone Providers to Redesign Their Data Servers?

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A few months ago, we highlighted the changes that 5G networks will soon be creating for mobile users across the world. Although no provider has actually launched a 5G network yet, the wireless industry developed the first official standard for the new network a few months ago. Surprisingly, Sascha Segan and other technology pundits are […]

Data-Driven eCommerce Case Study: Cohorts and Segmentation

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E-commerce is a rapidly evolving field. It is growing at a remarkable pace, largely due to the evolution of big data. Segmentation is one of the biggest advantages that it offers. At Metrilo, we analyzed, tens of thousands of ecommerce platforms from shopify to magento. I would like to share some insights of Merry Hiking […]

A Guide to Developer, Apache Spark Use Cases, and Deep Dives Talks at Spark + AI Summit

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Apache Spark is tackling new frontiers through innovations by unifying new workloads. This enables developers to combine data and AI to develop intelligent applications. Developers come to this summit not just to hear about innovations from contributors. They come to share their use cases, experiences, and absorb knowledge. @matei_zaharia just announced support of #kubernetes in […]

Is Big Data Causing Insurance Actuaries to Move Away from Using Credit Scores?

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Insurance companies have literally spent decades fine-tuning their actuarial models. In the 1990s, they began using credit scores to assess the risks of customers and set premiums accordingly. Laws permitting credit score use with insurance companies vary from state to state. However, around 95% of auto insurance companies use credit scores in their actuarial algorithms. […]

How AI Could Unlock the Intelligent Internet of Things

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The algorithmic organisation is an organisation built around smart algorithms. Algorithms that define company processes, that deliver customer services, that take action when necessary and as such define the way the world works. Thanks to machine learning and deep learning, these algorithms will be able to understand user and/or device behaviour, learn from users and/or […]