How Wi-Fi and Deep Learning Could Improve Transportation Safety and Efficiency

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Each state is mandated by federal transportation authorities to use traffic management systems (TMS) to track the number of cars traveling on the road, the type of vehicle and its weight. That data collectively helps promote efficient travel and keep people safer. However, the systems in place now are expensive, and depending on the type […]

Introducing Databricks Library Utilities for Notebooks

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Databricks has introduced a new feature, Library Utilities for Notebooks, as part of Runtime version 5.1. It allows you to install and manage Python dependencies from within a notebook.   This provides several important benefits: Install libraries when and where they’re needed, from within a notebook.  This eliminates the need to globally install libraries on a […]

Announcing Databricks Runtime 5.1 – The Databricks Blog

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We are excited to announce the release of Databricks Runtime 5.1. This release includes several new features, performance and quality improvements. We highly recommend upgrading to Databricks Runtime 5.1 to benefit from all of these. Release highlights: Azure Active Directory Credential Passthrough to ADLS Gen1 (Preview) 7% performance gain overall for Databricks Azure New in […]

Can Data Determine How Learning Happens

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Today’s classroom isn’t just a place for education – it’s also a laboratory, and teachers are expected to collect huge amounts of data, with the goal of improving learning outcomes. Despite the best intentions, however, this emphasis on educational data is especially onerous for already overworked teachers, meaning they need better tools to assist with […]

Introducing Databricks Runtime 5.1 for Machine Learning

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Last week, we released Databricks Runtime 5.1 Beta for Machine Learning. As part of our commitment to provide developers the latest deep learning frameworks, this release includes the best of these libraries. In particular, our PyTorch addition makes it simple for a developer to simply import the appropriate Python torch modules and start coding, without […]

3 Ways Affiliate Marketers Can Use Big Data To Adapt To Competition

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The affiliate marketing industry has exploded since the Amazon first started it its Associates program. Some experts estimate that the affiliate marketing industry will be valued at $6.8 billion by 2020. This represents a fantastic opportunity for affiliates to scale business. However, it is also leading to more intense competition than ever before, which is […]

Top 6 use cases of data science in healthcare

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Healthcare industry is generating a copious amount of data every day. Electronic medical records, billing, clinical systems, data from wearables, and various pieces of research continue to churn out huge volumes of information. This presents a valuable opportunity for healthcare providers to ensure better patient care powered by actionable insights from previous patient data. Of […]

How Cybersecurity Is Creating Opportunities For Young People

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Data-centric and computer-centric job positions have seen an exponential rise over the past few years. Because of this, we’re quickly seeing these kinds of positions becoming some of the most in-demand job positions in the UK. Though engineering and healthcare are still some of the most in-demand positions, cybersecurity positions are vastly more in-demand, with […]