Is Big Data The Key To Our Culture’s Relationship Crisis?

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Big data is solving countless challenges in the business world. One of the biggest benefits of big data is improving relationship building. Victoria Greene, a writer for Bloomberg, wrote about the benefits of using big data to strengthen customer relationships. Greene states that there are lots of ways that big data is helping with customer […]

Tangible Impacts of AI on the Business

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With 2019 in full swing, the excitement for data and AI driven innovation continues.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen leading innovators – like Riot Games, Regeneron and Shell – become early adopters of the latest machine learning and AI technologies, building and deploying AI applications into production. But with great promise comes great challenges, as […]

The Effect Of The Data Revolution In Enterprise Software Development

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Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner perfectly summed up the currency of the times we live in: “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” The world is data-driven and if a few years ago McKinsey were talking about the way Big Data could sustain the growth of […]

How to Move Disruptive Network Technologies Smoothly

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The problem with disruptive network technologies is that they are sort of…well…disruptive. The issue occurs when you’re trying to institute a disruptive network technology and it forces your system to go offline – something many corporate IT networks simply can’t afford to let happen. The reason many companies opt for tried and tested technology over […]

Unbelievable Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Education

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Due to technological progress, artificial intelligence is influencing education. How can it help both teachers and students? Even today, many countries not only educate kids about artificial intelligence (AI), but also apply it to improve the quality of education. Providing data training is becoming more essential. Young people need to be computer literate to develop […]

How Artificial Intelligence Puts James Bond Tracking Tools In Your Home

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Artificial intelligence can help keep your family safe in many ways. Many people recognize that is has led to the development of new security systems, but there are less commonly discussed benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that it helps with location device tracking. Tracking someone’s activity on a map seems like stuff straight […]

Big Data and IoT Transform the Next Generation of Gadgets

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The implications of the big data revolution are typically associated with fields such as insurance, finance, and security. As essential as they might be for our future, they are not always understood by the average consumer. But you don’t need to look for a loan or an insurance plan to witness the massive impact that […]

Data Storage On The Back Burner As Big Data Takes Over

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While big data is not a new concept, it’s really in the last two years that corporate America has taken note and stock of all the information. According to research, companies only analyze around 12% of the data they have, which hardly taps into the full potential of big data at all. In fact, these corporations […]

The Business And Technological Benefits Of Data Lakes

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Big data and Data Lakes have been technological buzzwords for the past 7-8 years.  And enough and more evidence suggest that its adoption has been an enormous success. These days, businesses use data to define their internal business objectives and metrics. Plus, it takes care of the externals as well in terms of the relationship […]