How Big Data Can Help Combat DDOS Attacks

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Ever since the web became an intricate and fundamental part of our daily lives, DDOS attacks have constantly threatened to disrupt businesses and enrage internet users. Time and time again, talented entrepreneurs and massive corporations alike have struggled to combat these attacks, regularly finding themselves one step behind of the nefarious actors who bring down […]

How AI Chatbots Can Help Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts

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According to research from DemandBase, 80% of marketing executives believe that artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing by 2020. Because the future relies so much on the implementation of artificial intelligence technology, it’s important for marketers to integrate AI into their marketing strategy (and other areas of the business). However, only 10% of CMOs are utilizing […]

Why the Future Will Never Be Slow Again

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The fast-changing, uncertain and ambiguous environments that organisations operate in today, require organisations to re-think all their internal business processes and customer touch points. In addition, due to the availability of Emerging Information Technologies such as big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence, it has become easier for startups to compete with existing organisations. Often […]

Docker Use Cases – How to handle big data with Docker

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Docker containers provide a way to package applications with everything needed to run them, including base operating system images, databases, libraries, and binaries. By running a Docker engine on a host machine, Docker containers interact solely with the kernel of the host OS, meaning all containerized apps function the same regardless of the underlying infrastructure. […]

Can HR Professionals Use Big Data After the GDPR?

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The Global Data Protective Requirements (GDPR) went into effect this month. The new data privacy and consent guidelines have introduced a number of changes on many fronts. Regulatory and security changes have received a lot of discussion recently. However, the implications for human resources are equally significant. Human resources professionals must familiarize themselves with the […]

Blockchain Development Primer for New Solidity Programmers

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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It was developed to authenticate cryptocurrency transactions, but is now being used in a variety of other applications as well. It can provide a wide range of authentication functions, which are used in intellectual property management, traditional banking and verifying academic credentials. Solidity is a high-level programming language that serves […]

How Organizations Are Leveraging Big Data for the Greater Good

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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which I discussed in a previous post, reaffirms that an individual’s data is their property, meaning they have the right to determine how and when the data is used and who it is shared with. The regulation was first introduced in 2016, following public outcry over regarding the […]

AI and Machine Learning in Software Development: How it Can Benefit Developers

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have disrupted every industry including retail, manufacturing, transportation and even customer support. Software development is no exception where machine learning and AI can enhance the process of traditional software development cycle. Research report as of September 2017 by MarketandMarkets predicts the Machine Learning market will grow to $8.81 billion by […]