The Value of Data Analytics and the Impact it Brings upon Organisations – Interview with Alteryx’s Product Strategy Director Nick Jewell

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by BDW Editor on September 25, 2018 This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series. We sat down with Alteryx’s Director of Product Strategy, Dr. Nick Jewell, and discussed the importance and value of data analytics and the impact it brings upon organisations. Nick will speak at the upcoming Big […]

Databricks Delta: Now Available in Preview as Part of Microsoft Azure Databricks

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Bringing unprecedented reliability and performance to cloud data lakes By Cihan Biyikoglu and Singh Garewal Posted in COMPANY BLOG September 24, 2018 Designed by Databricks in collaboration with Microsoft, Azure Databricks combines the best of Databricks’ Apache SparkTM-based cloud service and Microsoft Azure. The integrated service provides the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform integrated with the […]

Doctors Look To Data To Increase Patient Engagement

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For many reasons, several of which we’ll discuss here, a patient’s full understanding of, and engagement with, their health care experiences are vital for a positive outcome. And today, we have more options than ever for achieving higher levels of interest, patient engagement, and “buy-in” from health care customers. These include data-rich wearables, telemedicine for […]

Is Robotic Process Animation The Next Evolution Of Big Data?

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The first robots predate the term “big data” by over 30 years. However, data has been integral to the development of robotics for many years, even though the concept of big data is fairly new. Big data will continue to play a vital role in shaping this slowly evolving field. Robotic process automation is the […]

How to Use MLflow To Reproduce Results and Retrain Saved Keras ML Models

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In part 2 of our series on MLflow blogs, we demonstrated how to use MLflow to track experiment results for a Keras network model using binary classification. We classified reviews from an IMDB dataset as positive or negative. And we created one baseline model and two experiments. For each model, we tracked its respective training […]

Developers’ Outlook On Artificial Intelligence In 2018

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Packt, the leading UK provider of technology/coding books and courses, conducted a survey in August 2018 to know what AI actually means to people in software. Who’s using it? What are they doing with it and how it will impact them in the present and future? The findings here are based on responses from 2,800+ […]

Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Think Twice Before Embracing AI

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If you are thinking AI is a big thing for small businesses, then think again. Sure enough, IT powerhouses like Amazon and USP are relying on AI robots to enhance employee experience. But then, the fact is, even start-ups are readily experimenting with AI technologies, big-time. For instance, there’s a pizza start-up in Mountain View, […]