Open Source Vulnerability Management: Be Wise — Prioritize

It’s safe to say that open source has made it to the big leagues. Across all industries, from healthcare to fintech to IoT and everything in between, software organizations of every size are harnessing the power of open source components to create their innovations. While open source components provide developers with a powerful tool for building better software faster, They also present them with a new set of challenges, the first one being open source security.

In a recent Open Source Vulnerability Management Report for 2018, found that open source vulnerabilities rose by over 60% over the past 18 months, challenging developers to keep up with maintaining their product’s security. So have they been up to the task? It is interesting to understand how developers are contending with this increasing workload, all without slowing down their DevOps cycle.

Developers Are Worried About Open Source Vulnerabilities

To gain insight into the way developers today are facing the challenge of open source security, a survey was conducted among over 650 software developers in North America and Eastern Europe and received back some very interesting results.

Developers are well aware of the severe threat of open source vulnerabilities, with 26% of respondents rating security vulnerabilities as their …

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