How To Avoid Cloud Vendor Lock-In

Long-term business relationships are frequently beneficial for everyone involved, but every now and then a long-term arrangement simply becomes too costly to maintain. For businesses looking to cut down on their daily costs of operating, suffering from cloud vendor lock-in can be a real nightmare, but it’s an easily avoidable one if you know what to be on the lookout for.

Avoiding cloud vendor lock-in begins with analyzing your options, signing intelligent contracts, and always being willing to cut your losses and run if you feel backed into a corner. Here’s how to avoid getting locked-in with a shoddy vendor who provides lackluster results time and time again.

Learn how to negotiate an exit strategy

The first and most important thing to remember when you begin negotiating with potential vendors is that you’re not just looking for an entry strategy, but also an exit strategy. If you sign a contract in a rush so that you can start employing cloud services as soon as possible, you may later discover that you’ve backed yourself into a corner and can’t quit your existing agreement without paying a tremendous sum of money. It’s imperative to establish upfront with your negotiating partners the fact that you’re looking …

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