Does your Backup have a Backup?

Backup is important for every enterprise environment because data has become an integral part of every industry. And with backups, enterprises can make sure they do not lose crucial data. But what if they lose their data and their backups? Troublesome thought, isn’t it?

But the question is: Is it even possible? Isn’t a backup solution enough?

Even thinking about setting up a backup for your backup sounds silly. But there’s actually quite a bit of substance to it. In this article, we talk about why a single backup solution isn’t enough. And what I really mean by “Backups for your Backups”

Can Your Backups Fail Too?

First things first, is it even possible?

The answer is a ‘Yes’. How is that possible? In order to answer this question, we will have to breakdown backup technology.

What are backups?

Backups are pretty similar to redundant storage but not exactly the same.

Backups are created by using purpose-built backup software, like Veeam, Backblaze, Commvault, Veritas, etc. The express purpose of backups is to make sure that data is available and recoverable in the event of data corruption, data loss, accidental/malicious deletion, and other similar situations.

There are different ways to back up enterprise data.

It can be backed up in the …

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