Diversity and Cybersecurity: How can Diverse Security Teams Empower Organizations?

In most cybersecurity conversations, most people tend to overlook the pressing issue of diversity in the cybersecurity industry as a whole. Not only is the cybersecurity world made up of a highly homogenous group of people at the top, the lack of diversity actually creates hurdles and makes the process of securing an enterprise harder than it has to be. 

Usually, workplace diversity is looked at as a buzzing ‘fad’ and is unfortunately seen by enterprise owners as a means to project a certain image, rather than being something that they are genuinely passionate about. 

However, as far as the cybersecurity world is concerned, making diversity mainstream is far more critical than previously thought. Unlike other avenues where the issue of workplace diversity is usually seen through the perspective of moral or ethical debate- having a diverse security team can actually equip enterprises better against external and internal threats. 

As more and more businesses ride the wave of digitalization, which relies on the inclusion of faulty technologies such as cloud computing within an enterprise- the surface area available to cybercriminals expands, which ultimately leads to hackers attacking with an extremely wide range of tools at their disposal.

 As the threats faced by enterprises continue …

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