Developing a Web Application for a Machine Learning Model

This post describes developing a web application for a machine learning model and deploying it so that it can be accessed by anyone. The web application is available at:

The process of deployment consists of transferring all flask application files from a local computer to the web server. Once completed the web application can be visited by anyone through a public URL. The cloud platform used is Heroku because it supports Python web applications built with various programming languages including applications built with Python flask. Heroku makes things easier by handling administrative tasks by itself so one can focus on the programming part. Another good thing is that web applications is hosted for free.  As the traffic increases, one may want to sign up for one of the better plans so that the web application performs well in high traffic.

The steps involved are as follows:

Creating a simple model that can be deployed to the web, where users can input variables to get predictions

For this post, the model is a simple linear regression model based on the paper “Assessment of Irish Mortgage Arrears at County Level using Machine Learning Techniques and Open Data”. The code and the paper are available for download here. The model is …

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