Big Data In iGaming Is The Biggest Disruptor In The Industry In Decades

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You can’t go online these days without seeing the words big data, artificial intelligence, or machine learning. These concepts are more than just buzzwords. They have become the basis of business decision making, customer research, risk analysis, and more. But it’s not only companies like Google and Facebook that are using big data for these […]

How Can Augmented Reality Benefit The Manufacturing Industry?

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New technologies aren’t just being developed faster than ever — they’re also being adopted faster than ever. Rather few of us could have predicted a couple of years ago that flagship smartphones in 2018 would be putting augmented reality into pockets everywhere. Manufacturing is one industry that stands to see a huge payoff from the […]

How Big Data And Architecture Are Teaming Up For Success

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Most people know about how big data and virtual reality (VR) have collectively changed sectors such as marketing, but they may not realize that these two technologies have made significant impacts on other industries, too. Big data and architecture is one combination worth exploring in depth. The Two Technologies Can Complement Each Other Some forward-thinking […]

Virtual Reality And Machine Learning Go Hand In Hand

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According to some experts, the origins of virtual reality can be traced back to the 1950s, although the first virtual reality display wasn’t invented until 1968. The field has obviously evolved over the past half of a century. However, it is changing more rapidly than ever before. Some of the biggest reasons for the sudden […]

3 Companies That Highlight The Power Of Crowdfunding For Virtual Reality

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The power of virtual reality is evident, and its benefits plentiful. Facebook allegedly has plans to use artificial intelligence to monitor its ad program and prevent fake news. Driverless cars are already underway, powered by AI. It will even start taking over the more dangerous jobs, where a shortage of workers is crippling the industry. […]

What Developers Who Want To Get A VR Job Look For In Employers

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The career path of a virtual reality (VR) developer offers exciting possibilities. And the people with the skills for the job, and who hope to get a VR job themselves, know they’ll be in demand for the foreseeable future. VR has finally hit the mainstream after previously being labeled as a niche technology. The rise […]