Top 5 Benefits of Shared MongoDB Hosting

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Shared MongoDB hosting is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-setup options for deploying MongoDB in the cloud, and is used by thousands of companies around the world to host their databases. In this post, we outline the top five benefits of using shared MongoDB hosting to help you decide whether it’s the right for your business. Shared MongoDB […]

The How and Why of ID Unification

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Identifier (ID) Unification is one of the key data fusion problems to be solved when integrating data from multiple data sources. In the context of enterprises, building a 360 degree view of your customers is a key need. Data from internal sources (first party), external data brokers (third party), various kinds of partners (second party) […]

MongoDB Ruby Driver 2.5.x Case-Sensitivity Issues with Hostnames on Replica Sets

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Having trouble connecting to MongoDB replica sets after upgrading the MongoDB Ruby driver to 2.5.x? We’ve recently received a few inquiries about this issue with the latest MongoDB Ruby driver version and wrote this post to share our findings on the problem and cause. The error message that was encountered on connection attempt was – No server is available matching preference: […]

5 Easy Breezy Ways to Master Python!

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Python is touted as one of the fastest-growing major programming languages in the world at the moment. It is quickly becoming the most visited tag on Stack Overflow as well. One of the major reasons of its exponential growth is that Python is an incredibly versatile language. It can be used to develop websites, machine […]