Using Predictive Analytics to Ensure Safety in the Manufacturing Environment

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Although the manufacturing process continues to improve, there is still concern among plant owners about quality control, peak production, and ensuring that factories are functioning at the best possible efficiency. However, if not properly managed, the pressure of maintaining fast-paced production while optimizing costs can easily lead to safety problems. All it takes is a […]

A Distributed Future: Where Blockchain Technology Meets Organisation Design and Decision-making

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Blockchain technology records and forever maintains data that cannot be changed. It also involves ‘smart contracts’ and consensus mechanisms that govern processes of automation, as well as the development, evaluation and execution of decisions. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform organisation design due to its decentralised and distributed characteristics. To understand how blockchain will […]

Want To Contribute To An Upcoming Book?

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I’ve just started working with O’Reilly on a new book, and we are looking for people to contribute their thoughts for inclusion in the book. The book is going to be called 97 Things About Ethics Everyone In Data Science Should Know. This book will be part of a larger series O’Reilly does called 97 Things, each of which […]

Why non Data Scientists can lead Data Science teams

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I recently discovered a LinkedIn debate over whether or not non-data scientists could lead data science teams. The debate was polarised between those arguing for technical knowledge & those who focussed on leadership skills. As well as being fascinating and relevant, I was glad to see one voice arguing for leadership. Andy Sutton is Head of Data & Personalisation for Endeavour Drinks in Australia. […]

Learning, Innovation and Business Change

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Creating new knowledge is an intuitive human endeavour and it brings value and change to individuals, companies and society by shedding light the patterns, practices, inconsistencies and paradoxes in the observed world. Knowledge creates a competitive advantage for organisations and corporations because researching existing problems triggers learning episodes and helps to identify resolutions. These learning […]

Intelligent Reporting – How Big Data and AI Are Changing the Way We Create and Analyze Reports

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Artificial intelligence is becoming the number one platform for decision-making processes. According to a report published by Deloitte, the main connection between making a decision on all business levels, and utilizing AI, lies in a partnership – humans having the final say on defining questions, issues, and answers while AI analyzing large volumes of data […]