Why College Robotics Clubs Need To Start Embracing Machine Learning

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Artificial intelligence has been the basis of robotics for several decades. However, early AI technology was not well-suited for solving the countless challenges robots needed to solve. Robots were often programmed with simple algorithms that were made in BASIC or Cobol. They couldn’t adapt, unless the programmers developed more sophisticated artificial intelligence programs to manage […]

Big Data Joins The Fight Against Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Big data is being used more frequently in healthcare facilities all over the world. One report shows that the global market for big data in healthcare is expected to reach $68.75 billion in 2025. However, this figure misses some important nuances, such as which areas of medicine are using big data the most. Some medical […]

The Syntax Structure Of Perl Mod_Rewrite Method

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Perl has a number of built-in modules that help customize URL structures. Some of them are over 20 years old, but others are more ideal for certain projects. One of them is the mod_rewrite method. For example, you might be working on a website in PHP with the following URL structure: http://domain.com/category/viewforum.php?f=3 This structure isn’t […]

Scikit-Learn For Machine Learning Application Development In Python

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Python is arguably the best programming language for machine learning. However, many aspiring machine learning developers don’t know where to start. They should look into the scikit-learn library, which is one of the best for developing machine learning applications. It is free and relatively easy to install and learn. Why machine learning programmers should be […]

Machine Learning Delivers Cutting-Edge POS Software For Online Stores

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Online retailers are using machine learning solutions to deliver the highest level of service to their customers. They have found that big data makes it easier to personalize services and offer the highest value for the lowest cost. One of the best ways machine learning is helping online retailers is with new POS software applications. […]

4 Brilliant Ways To Use Big Data To Boost Gmail Security

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Google is taking privacy more seriously these days. Last year, the Washington Post reported that they adopted some new big data security standards. Some of these standards were put into place to improve Gmail security. However, there are still a lot of measures that Gmail users themselves need to take. Big data is making it […]

A Guide To Machine Learning Foundations of Task Management Software

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Task management applications are changing the way we manage teams. Here are some of the primary benefits of these task management applications: Task management tools improve team productivity Task management tools make sure that teams operate more efficiently Task management tools minimize worker stress Task management tools help with monitoring trends Machine learning is playing […]