How Big Data Technology Impacts Investments and Trading

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The world of online trading has been growing year on year, and it now offers traders/investors the ability to invest in almost any global market of their choosing. As such, the technology surrounding trading and investment is constantly being developed and improved to help traders with investment decisions. In recent years, there have been significant […]

Are Cryptocurrencies Disrupting the Economy in 2018?

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Despite the hype around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the digital forms of payment have thus far failed to challenge traditional and well-established methods. In fact, the use of credit cards is actually on the rise in Canada, with 61 percent of online shoppers using that option in 2017 compared to 51 percent three years earlier. […]

GDPR Implications of Desktop and Mobile Online Collaboration Platforms

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The GDPR is the newest data privacy directive in the European Union. It is a very complex policy that is meant to address the vast privacy concerns that have arisen in the 23 years since the previous data privacy law was passed. Data scientists and legal experts are both debating the nuances of the new […]

5 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Facebook’s Data Privacy Scandal

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When news broke that Cambridge Analytica illegally harvested the data of millions of Facebook users who interacted with the former company’s third-party app, the backlash was fierce. The aftermath reveals lessons all companies can learn, regardless of the extent to which they use social media. 1. Delayed Acknowledgements of Wrongdoing Make Things Worse One of […]

Driving Web Sales with Big Data and Personalization

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Website personalization and using big data to drive online sales specifically is on the mind of every marketing professional. We have moved from the era of not knowing how to use big data to having way too much data, and having to narrow it down to what we really need out of everything available. What […]

What You Need to Know

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Artificial intelligence technology has been around since the 1950s, and has been a part of collective imaginings of a better future for decades. However, only recently has this revolutionary technology begun to make significant and tangible contributions to the medical industry. While we might still be several decades away from robots attending you in a […]

How Big Data Allows Pre-emptive Healthcare to Prevent Disease

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Big data, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are radically changing the way clinicians diagnose and treat disease.  Gone are the days of “one size fits all” treatment protocols.  Instead, healthcare providers are using centralized data sets that are AI analyzed to provide targeted, personalized healthcare that focuses on prevention rather than cure. In addition to […]

How Big Data Enhances the Tourism Industry

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Big data is merely the most popular and widely used term to explain data availability and exponential growth in the changing modern world. It is a comprehensive term for data-sets that are big or complicated. Big data has challenges regarding search, capture, storage, visualization, analysis and information privacy, and they require innovations to expose the […]

Why the React JS Course Is Essential in Web Development Training

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In today’s world, the internet has become the backbone of each and every business. And to establish the existence of anything on the internet, the first and foremost thing needed is the web application of that particular thing. If you don’t have a quick and efficient way to portray your business over a website, then […]

How to Prepare Your Business Data for Artificial Intelligence

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Over the recent decade, only a few technologies captured our attention quite as much as artificial intelligence (AI). The interest is justified, because the technology is poised to drastically change the current business landscape. For example, a recent survey of Fortune 500 CEOs found that 81 percent of them believed that AI/Machine learning technology was […]