3 Ways Big Data And Business Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

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Enterprises collect an unprecedented volume of data about their consumers, sales, and products. In most scenarios, these rows of information move very fast, are too big, or they surpass the processing capacity of the existing technology applications in the organization. But with big data and business intelligence, enterprises get to enhance operations, their profit margins, […]

Retail Data And Shopping In The Digital Age

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Technology has changed the way businesses operate. Because the customer has a more direct hand in the way transactions are processed, more companies are taking a customer-centric approach. Being customer-centric means the customers wants and needs are everything. To identify those wants and needs, you have to use data. Data allows us to take general […]

Here Are The Top 4 Data Analytics Jobs To Look Out For

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What is the job of a data engineer? How is it different from the job of a data analyst? What does a data scientist do? Confused? Let us put all the different aspect of data analytics jobs into different buckets and make it all easier for you. If you are looking to migrate to data analytics […]

Putting Historic Business Data To Work With Machine Learning

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Machine learning has gotten a lot of press lately as big names in tech launch highly visible programs. There’s IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, the Kafka Apache, which is used to manage LinkedIn inquiries and connections, and even playful systems like Quick, Draw from Google, a machine learning system that uses repetition to identify users’ drawings. At […]

How Real Estate And Blockchain Technology Are Teaming Up

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Blockchain technology has thus far been the true star of the cryptocurrency revolution. Although the value of popular digital coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been in near-constant flux in recent months, the technology that powers them has been making headway into industries of all kinds all over the globe. Naturally, some of the earliest […]

Big Data Changes The Future Of The Data Recovery Industry

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The global big data market is growing at an unprecedented pace. One study from Wikibon showed that the market is growing at a rate of 10.48% a year. As the value of the big data market continues to grow, organizational dependence on it will solidify as well. This only becomes a problem when data servers […]

How Data Enrichment Is A Force Multiplier In Analytics

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Based on the definition by Techopedia, data enrichment is the process by which raw data is improved so that it can be better and more easily utilized. While there are a lot of data sources that generate tons and tons of raw data, much of this raw data would be better used if it were […]

How To Share Data Safely Across Your Supply Chain

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Consumers demand transparency, but that openness comes at the cost of security. You can successfully balance safety and data sharing, though. With the introduction of digital collaborative technology, you have the tools necessary to secure your information and share data safely while tracking products across the supply chain. Why Transparency Is So Important Whereas customers […]

Big Data For Preventative Care In The Healthcare Field

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Healthcare is an industry filled with big data. Some data is locked away due to patient privacy rights, but the industry is one that can be best improved through the use of big data. Doctors can analyze their cases and outcomes against millions of others, forming a healthcare plan that best meets the patient’s condition. […]