How To Use Social Media Analytics To Increase Your Business Success

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Marketing has changed immensely in the digital age, with more stress on improving the reach that a company has. Increasing this reach can lead to sales, brand recognition, and overall consumer trust of a small or large company. Social media is the best tool to promote any type of content or engage with customers effectively. […]

3 Companies That Highlight The Power Of Crowdfunding For Virtual Reality

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The power of virtual reality is evident, and its benefits plentiful. Facebook allegedly has plans to use artificial intelligence to monitor its ad program and prevent fake news. Driverless cars are already underway, powered by AI. It will even start taking over the more dangerous jobs, where a shortage of workers is crippling the industry. […]

Tips for Incorporating the IoT For Supply Chain

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The future long-hoped-for by supply chain managers arrived practically overnight. With the old ways of supply chain management, there were lots of unknowns — including lots of places where productivity slipped through the cracks left behind by missing data. But now that the Internet of Things has begun to pervade so much of our personal […]

The Powerful Role Of Big Data In The Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare system is not only one of the largest industries. It is also one of the most complex, with patients constantly demanding better care management. The industry is making rapid progress. Specialists seek more effective solutions and new technologies are frequently brought to the table. Big data in the healthcare industry, along with industry […]

A Standard Graph Query Language Could Be Coming—Here’s What To Know

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IT standards make everything better. It is not a stretch to say that coming together as a community and developing, evolving, and committing to standards make better, cheaper, and more secure software and systems. The International Standards Organization is considering a standard for Graph Query Language (GQL) which would ultimately allow for interoperability not only […]

4 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement With Big Data

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Big data has played an incredibly important role in social media branding. Companies are using predictive analytics and big data for social media to better understand the behavior of their social media followers based on past interactions. This can be very helpful when they have big data sets that can help them grow their social […]

The Surprising Impact Of Big Data In Legal Professions

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I have been to countless big data conferences over the past few years. I see lots of presentations from developers, actuaries, analysts, and other professionals. Most of their work emphasizes the importance of using big data for industrial applications, marketing and finance. However, there are some other industries that are being affected by it as […]

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Is Changing The Fabric Of The Industry

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Technology has changed the game in nearly all industries over the last 20 years, shifting the focus away from traditional methods of getting things done. With the help of advanced software, hardware, and an ever-connected world through the Internet, companies of all shapes and sizes have been forced to implement fresh ideas and follow or […]

9 Reasons To Consider Managed Cloud Hosting For Startups

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Are you a startup business owner? You might have faced several issues while starting your business—not just finance, but several other issues. So, now you need a website, right? A good web hosting solution too? Be sure to keep things in mind beyond budget. Your bottom line is important, but this doesn’t mean that you should […]

How To Use Big Data For SEO In 2018

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Big data has a vast influence on the way the world operates. It doesn’t only influence marketing, but also the way we conduct our daily activities. Big data is the collection and categorizing of massive amounts of data. This information is available to most people in an organized and easily identifiable form. This brought about […]