Heres’s Why Network Discovery Tools Are So Important In 2019

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It has been 12 years since Princeton researchers Mark Newman and Albert-László Barabási wrote about the changes of modern computing networks. Their book “The Structure and Dynamics of Networks” focused on the significant changes that corporate intranets faced. Things have changed even more in recent years, as modern networks have become much more dynamic. The […]

Things Worth Learning From 2018 Artificial Intelligence Projects

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Looking back at some of 2018’s most prominent and exciting AI projects forecasts promising advances in the coming years. With a wide range of startups and government projects boosting visibility and funding for various machine learning operations, there’s plenty to be excited about for both business and personal AI solutions. Of course, there’s also the […]

Crypto Trading Vs. Stock Trading: How Are They Different?

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When it comes to crypto trading vs. stock trading, are they different from each other? Most cryptocurrency newbies confuse trading on the cryptocurrency exchange with stock trading. To be fair, the only similarity between cryptocurrency trading and stock trading is the word trading’. The following are the differences between these two types of trading: Insider […]

How Big Data For Education Sets The Stage For A New Era Of Learning

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It is an undeniable fact that with each passing day, big data is becoming more critical to business. In the years to come, the necessity of big data will spread to other sectors as well, especially education. In fact, in the last years, big data has had a significant impact on the educational sector. Educational […]

How Big Data And Net Neutrality Repeal Impact Each Other

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If you are a younger internet user, you have probably heard the term “net neutrality.” While you may have come across the term on numerous occasions, you may have not thought what exactly they meant to you. For the average broadband consumer, net neutrality meant that the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) could not block content […]

Big Data In iGaming Is The Biggest Disruptor In The Industry In Decades

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You can’t go online these days without seeing the words big data, artificial intelligence, or machine learning. These concepts are more than just buzzwords. They have become the basis of business decision making, customer research, risk analysis, and more. But it’s not only companies like Google and Facebook that are using big data for these […]

Does Big Data Cause Deconsolidation Of The Cloud Market?

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Just like a walk on the beach leaves behind footprints in the sand, our day to day online activities leave behind footprints in the form of data. Unlike footprints in the sand, data can be stored for an infinite amount of time. The amount of data that people create has increased substantially. With more and […]

What Is The Role of Big Data In The Future of VoIP?

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The first real VOIP service, VocalTec, reached the market back in 1995. The market has changed remarkably since then. There are many VOIP changes that can be traced to advances in big data. VOIP providers use big data directly in their own platforms, while also relying on third-party tools like Movavi to improve functionality and […]

How AI Is Transforming Lending And Loan Management

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The old days of banking may be long gone in just a few years and this, thanks to all the recent technological developments that we are currently witnessing. You are no longer willing to enter a bank, discuss all the things that you need to discuss with a banker and hope that you get your […]

How Will Industrial Internet Of Things Shape CNC Machining?

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Machinists everywhere are already enjoying some of the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things for CNC equipment and other tools. Like any other major breakthrough, adoption might be slow for the moment, but the excitement is anything but underwhelming. Below is a rundown of some of the biggest ways we expect the IIoT to […]