AI Streamlines Content Curation Strategies In Digital Marketing

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Content marketing has evolved considerably over the past decade. Marketers are constantly searching for new strategies to scale content production without compromising the quality of their branding efforts. One approach they have taken is investing more heavily in content curation. Artificial intelligence has helped make contact curation much more effective. What is content curation and […]

How Big Data Can Help Create Demo Videos That Make Their Mark

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Big data has been very useful in marketing. Brands spend $57 billion a year on big data solutions. There are countless ways to use big data in marketing. One approach that few people are aware of is the benefit of using it for video marketing. A couple years ago, we talked about the ways big […]

How The US Online Gaming Industry Is Turning To Big Data To Survive

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The United States online gaming industry is nearly six years old. Former Nevada governor Brian Sandoval passed the first online gaming bill in February 2013. Many experts hoped that the market would grow faster and help rejuvenate the ailing casino industry. Unfortunately, online gaming sites are struggling to gain traction in states that have liberalized […]

The Essential New Role Of Big Data In Software License Management

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Big data is transforming every organization on the planet. However, companies that manage software licenses to address their needs are most affected by advances in big data. Why Big Data Gives an Edge to Companies Managing Software Licenses How many software licenses does your organization have? What value do they bring? Big data algorithms will […]

The Connection Between Science And Business In Big Data

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Making sense of all the noise is difficult in the era of data. Businesses have invested billions to hire data scientists, and data has already changed various fields involving retail and healthcare. On the other hand, Kaggle’s survey found out that many data scientists feel the lack of explaining data science to others as one […]

Can Deep Learning Improve Construction Snag Lists?

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Big data is changing the future of the construction industry in the United States. Many industry experts and data scientists have talked about some of the ways that big data has changed the industry. Rachel Berger has said that big data has played a role in everything from improving CAD designs to streamlining invoicing. However, […]

Big Data Improves Customer Segmentation Analysis For Email Marketers

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A number of our contributors have discussed the role of big data in digital marketing. They have mostly focused on the benefits of using big data to bolster search engine rankings and squeeze a higher ROI out of social media marketing campaigns. However, there are other applications of big data in marketing as well. Email […]

The Fascinating Role of Predictive Analytics in CMS Today

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Predictive analytics is changing digital marketing and website management. In previous posts, we have discussed the benefits of using predictive analytics to identify the types of customers that are most likely to convert and increase the value of your lead generation strategy. However, there are also a lot of reasons that you can use predictive […]

Here’s How Big Data Is Revolutionizing GPS Technology

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The first GPS technology system predates big data by around 40 years. GPS technology has evolved dramatically since big data became widely used. Big Data Week said that this was the biggest trend in technology 2018. What is the Role of Big Data in the Future of GPS? GPS and satellite navigations have revolutionized road […]