How Big Data Will Make Or Break Future Smart Cities

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In today’s digital age, big data is incorporated into many aspects our daily lives. Big data is essentially massive amounts of data that is used in order to drive strategic decisions. An example of how it is used in daily life is through using online maps such as Google Maps to take the quickest route […]

Using Data To Perfect Your Instagram Storyboard

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Do you want to create Instagram stories like a pro, but don’t know how to go about it? You have come to the right page because we are going to discuss how you create the storyboard for Instagram stories. The good news is that big data has made it easier than ever to create powerful […]

Data Scalability Raises Considerable Risk Management Concerns

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Are you frustrated by an increase in the quantity of the data that your organization handles? Well, you aren’t alone! Many businesses globally are dealing with big data which brings along a mix of benefits and challenges. A report by China’s International Data Corporation showed that global data would rise to 175 Zettabyte by 2025. […]

Big Data Advances Lead to More Optimal SEO-Predicated Hosting

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Big data is a very important part of any digital marketing strategy. There are a number of reasons that machine learning, data analytics and Hadoop technology are changing SEO: Machine learning is becoming more widely used in search engine algorithms. SEOs that use machine learning can partially reverse engineer these algorithms. Big data helps SEO […]

Data Scalability Leads To New Evolutions In Smart Technology

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Big data is changing the nature of the world we live in. It has created a number of new forms of smart technology, which are simplifying our lives in wonderful ways. The classic example is with smart homes. You can probably remember watching movies about smart houses on the Disney Channel and other networks over […]

Machine Learning Delivers Cutting-Edge POS Software For Online Stores

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Online retailers are using machine learning solutions to deliver the highest level of service to their customers. They have found that big data makes it easier to personalize services and offer the highest value for the lowest cost. One of the best ways machine learning is helping online retailers is with new POS software applications. […]

Cutting-Edge Mobile App Development Protocols In The Big Data Era

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Big data is changing the nature of app development in several major ways. Some of the new practices include: Since big data has increased the complexity of app development, you need a clearly outlined strategy. PRDs Meet Requirements for Mobile App Development in the Age of Big Data Do you need help making a mobile […]

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Risks?

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Video is one of the many technologies that is being shaped by new developments in artificial intelligence. Some of the changes artificial intelligence has brought are spooky, to say the least. However, the vast majority of the changes are going to have wonderful implications for video technologists and society as a whole. Overall, we are […]

Is Big Data Helping To Solve Problems With Digital Calendars?

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Big data is changing our lives in many ways. Some of the ways data impacts us are much more subtle than others. One example is with digital calendars. A number of new data algorithms are being used to make digital calendars more effective. Big data is so important for event planning and preparation. A growing number of […]