Big Data Analytics For Pizza Delivery Businesses Leads To Record Growth

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The pizza delivery business is one of the last industries that you would expect to be touched by big data. However, new research shows that pizza delivery companies are actually benefiting considerably from big data. Big Data is Having a Massive Impact on the Pizza Delivery Business With the growth of online pizza delivery industry, […]

Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Think Twice Before Embracing AI

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If you are thinking AI is a big thing for small businesses, then think again. Sure enough, IT powerhouses like Amazon and USP are relying on AI robots to enhance employee experience. But then, the fact is, even start-ups are readily experimenting with AI technologies, big-time. For instance, there’s a pizza start-up in Mountain View, […]

Get Started With Big Data For Small Business With This 4-Step Guide

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Over the past years, Big Data for small businesses has been democratized. Now more and more businesses understand what it is, but many still do not yet fully get how it works. Using large sets of data collected through various platforms and analyzing them conjointly helps to spot trends and patterns, and ultimately leads to more […]

Small Businesses Can Use Big Data eCommerce Solutions For Massive Success

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Big data is causing the online commerce industry to grow at an unprecedented rate. Large companies have invested the most in big data, so they are seeing the biggest dividends. However, a number of small companies are also exploring the benefits of deep learning and predictive analytics. In fact, an argument can be made that […]